Andria and Jake

Andria and Jake are a nice couple who are
tying the knot in September.

We took engagement photos at the Runestone Park.
There’s some debate on whether the runes are authentic.
I like to think so. I think it’s entirely possible that those
Norsemen came down the Arkansas and Poteau Rivers.
No one living today was actually there to know
what the depth of the rivers was in 1012 AD.

More pretty silhouettes.

Heavener was originally named Choctaw City.
If you’re not from the area you might think it’s pronounced
“Heaven – er”, with a short “e” sound,
as in the heavenly abode with an “er” on the end,
but that would be incorrect.
It’s pronounced “heave – ner” with a long “e” sound,
as in “watch out I’m going to…”

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