Monthly Archives: October 2008

Kelly’s Album Pages

Here’s one of Kelly’s 2-page spreads for her 10×10 album.

Wedding Album

Cassey and Alex’s wedding album is ready to view online for anyone who is interested.

Here’s a 2 page spread. I think it turned out nicely.

Petit Jean State Park

Tiffany and Michael married at Petit Jean
because that’s where he proposed!

Tiffany and Michael are such a sweet pair.

I’m so glad to have met them and done their wedding photos.

What a neat place for an outdoor wedding.
How many people have a waterfall
for a background at their wedding?

I’ve done a few weddings in the mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma this year.

My New Car

My New Car.
I LOVE this car.

Just kidding, it’s not mine, but isn’t it cool?!

I’ve always had a thing for British cars.

I can dream, can’t I?

Check out the neat-o accelerator pedal.

Do you think Santa might squeeze it down the chimney?
Oh yeah, I don’t have a chimney. Rats!

Here’s the other one I want.
Wonder if I have any long lost, rich uncles?
Lets’ see, I’ll drive the red one on Sundays and Mondays,
and the green one the rest of the week.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer Wisely

When choosing your photographer consider these things:

1. Do you want great photos, or barely passable?
Your photos will be your memories of major family events and milestones. Sure, you could probably have Uncle John, or your friend, who has a “really nice camera”, take your photos and end up with something. Or you might end up frustrated and sad, like a lady I know. She ended up with NO decent wedding photos. That’s right, they were ALL out of focus or too dark. EEK! I can’t even imagine the disappointment.