Monthly Archives: May 2009

Natalie & Grant


Natalie and Grant were married at the Fort Smith Rose Garden. It was a beautiful ceremony, and
the day was perfect!


Sandy & Adam

Sandy & Adam were married at Christ The King last Saturday.


Sandy is one of five sisters, and her mom’s siblings are all sisters too! Sandy and her sweet sisters each have a princess nickname.

Sandy was a real princess on her wedding day!

Jennifer’s Bridals

Jennifer’s bridals turned out really beautiful. She’s lovely inside and out.


Jennifer wanted her reception at The Bonneville House. Since that didn’t work out we did her bridal session there.
Sorry, you’ll have to wait for those photos until after the wedding, but you can look at the House. It’s really wonderful. It’s in the Belle Grove Historic District

What If Film Crews Did Weddings?

This commercial cracked me up. I just had to share.

I love how the guy places the groom like he’s part of the scenery, and I love the cue card!

Secret Proposal Photos

About a month ago I did secret proposal photos for Matt. He called me and asked if I would take photos as he proposed to his girlfriend, Rachel. He wanted a book made from the photos and was going to surprise her a second time with the gift of the book. I have permission to share some of those photos here!

Congratulations Matt and Rachel!