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Lauren & Josh

Lauren and Josh are a fun-loving couple. I had a great time with them yesterday. Here are a few previews of coming attractions.






Beautiful Family

Aimee & Sam have a darling baby girl, Ashlynn. She’s so adorable I could take photos of her all day if they’d let me.



And the winners are…..

Brian & Kellye !
Congratulations! I’ll be contacting you about details. Thanks and best wishes to everyone who entered!


Our three wonderful finalist couples in the free wedding photography contest are featured below. Voting closes the 8th of November. (Extended for the couple I can’t seem to contact) You may vote on this blog in the comments section under the couples or by email. One vote per email address please. [email protected]

The voting will only last a few days, so start voting now!

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James & Kimberly

James and Kimberly have lost loved ones and are trying to better their life though finances are tight. Here’s their story:

My Uncle James met his fiance, Kimberly, after he got out of a bad relationship and had given up on love. They say it was love at first sight and I believe them.

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Brian & Kellye

Brian and Kellye have been friends from toddlerhood. Brian is going into the ministry so finances are limited for this wedding. Here’s their story:


When Brian was two years old, his father was called to a staff position in Camden, AR. There he met a little two year old girl named Kellye. Our families became friends and were together for six years, while together our children spent many hours playing and going to church together. Kellye used to sing to Brian and end each song by leaning forward and saying “kissee, kissee. She told him she was going to marry him when they grew up. Our paths did part, but our friendship remained strong. We would see each other every year or two.

Anthony & Lauren

Anthony and Lauren have a stretched budget and a new baby in the house. Here’s their story:


Like many other couples, my fiance and I are doing all that we can to make our wedding as beautiful and affordable as possible!
As the bride it is customary for my parents to fit a majority of the bill for the wedding. I have found many locations in my area that are beautiful, but most certainly NOT affordable. My father recently lost his job, a job that he had maintained for 24 years, due to lay-offs. He is now working a temporary job, but at a salary that is greatly reduced from his previous position. My mom has been fortunate to have a relatively stable job at a good company. However, as with most families, money is tight. In addition, my parents have recently begun helping take care of a young man that has a disfortunate family life. Along with my brother, there are now two teenage boys at my parents’ house that they are feeding and caring for. If you know anything about teenage boys and their appetites, then you know what kind of a financial burden that can be!
My fiance and I would love to help out with the costs of the wedding, but we are in a tough financial position ourselves. I am currently an unemployed college student, and we are living on my fiance’s income alone. We are currently living in a remodeled garage/apartment of his parents’, and this past August received the blessing of our little baby boy, Lain Anthony. The remodel of the garage/apartment along with the unplanned pregnancy put a strain on both our relationship and our finances! We feel that these challenges have made our relationship just that much stronger, but planning a wedding on such a limited budget has been quite a challenge!
Thank you very much for considering us as the recipients of your generous gift. We are already truly blessed, and would consider ourselves all the more so if we are chosen!