Brian & Kellye

Brian and Kellye have been friends from toddlerhood. Brian is going into the ministry so finances are limited for this wedding. Here’s their story:


When Brian was two years old, his father was called to a staff position in Camden, AR. There he met a little two year old girl named Kellye. Our families became friends and were together for six years, while together our children spent many hours playing and going to church together. Kellye used to sing to Brian and end each song by leaning forward and saying “kissee, kissee. She told him she was going to marry him when they grew up. Our paths did part, but our friendship remained strong. We would see each other every year or two.

When Brian was 12, his dad and I felt the Lord calling us to a full-time traveling ministry that would strengthen families. There were a lot of times that we would run into financial trials. We would teach our children how to fast and pray and let God show Himself strong on our behalf. We taught them to “seek you first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”. At 20, Brian decided that God was calling him to get a law degree. He had a twenty year plan of what he was going to do with his life. He went to college one semester and came home saying “God has called me to preach for Him. He also felt that God had a sweet girl for him to marry. His concern was that he would not have the money to get married. We told him to seek God first.

Brian has unselfishly served the Lord, taught children character and honored his parents for many years and now God has allowed him the awesome privilege of marrying a precious young lady who has done the same. Kellye at the age of twelve told her mother that God wanted her to make some dresses for our two younger daughters, so they would have a nice dress to sing in. She even bought a dress for me. She has served her parents and younger brother and sisters for many years.

They began courting on Feb. 14th. Brian asked her to marry him in Aug. We have encouraged him to go ahead by faith and watch the Lord provide for their every need. They have seen the Lord open many doors of opportunity in housing and furniture, and now a chance for beautiful pictures to remember one of their most treasured times of their lives.

Brian and Kellye both know that God has called to serve Him as a ministry team. That means a path that is sometimes hard and financially challenging. But, they are committed to seeking Him first and watching for His provision.

Kellye has told my daughter that Brian is every thing she has prayed for and dreamed of. Brian and Kellye are eagerly awaiting Jan 16th. They will stand with seven of their friends and start their own “household of faith” and share their first kiss.