James & Kimberly

James and Kimberly have lost loved ones and are trying to better their life though finances are tight. Here’s their story:

My Uncle James met his fiance, Kimberly, after he got out of a bad relationship and had given up on love. They say it was love at first sight and I believe them.

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They’ve been through quite a lot recently and finances are very limited.
James was demoted at his job, so he got a large pay cut, and Kimberly quit her job to start going to school so they could have a better life together. She sprained her ankle at school but continued classes. They’ve both lost grandparents and other loved ones recently, including a father figure to our family.
When her nephew was set on fire in a brutal attack Kimberly was at the hospital almost every day until 2 in the morning.
Even with all this she still manages to go to school and always help people. My uncle is the same way. I think they have a hard time telling people no. They’re very generous with others. I know my aunt would love professional photography for the wedding, but with other expenses she gave up on the idea. I know both of them would be very grateful and they truly deserve it! Thank you for considering them.
Sincerely, Crystal