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Preparing for Great Wedding Photos

Plenty of advice is given about planning the wedding day, but sometimes planning for photographs is forgotten. I’d like to help couples think about their part in making their wedding photographs the best they can possibly be.

Think about what the background will be in your photos. What do the walls and floor look like? I’ve done receptions at the historic Bonneville House and the armory. Remember to think about what is on the wall behind the cake, where you will be seated, and other strategic places for photos. Is there unsightly wire, posters, or anything that distracts? Consider some kind of backdrop for those problem areas.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer Wisely

When choosing your photographer consider these things:

1. Do you want great photos, or barely passable?
Your photos will be your memories of major family events and milestones. Sure, you could probably have Uncle John, or your friend, who has a “really nice camera”, take your photos and end up with something. Or you might end up frustrated and sad, like a lady I know. She ended up with NO decent wedding photos. That’s right, they were ALL out of focus or too dark. EEK! I can’t even imagine the disappointment.

Andria and Jake

Andria and Jake are a nice couple who are
tying the knot in September.

We took engagement photos at the Runestone Park.
There’s some debate on whether the runes are authentic.
I like to think so. I think it’s entirely possible that those
Norsemen came down the Arkansas and Poteau Rivers.
No one living today was actually there to know
what the depth of the rivers was in 1012 AD.

More pretty silhouettes.

Heavener was originally named Choctaw City.
If you’re not from the area you might think it’s pronounced
“Heaven – er”, with a short “e” sound,
as in the heavenly abode with an “er” on the end,
but that would be incorrect.
It’s pronounced “heave – ner” with a long “e” sound,
as in “watch out I’m going to…”

Erin and Albert

Erin and Albert are engaged to be married. They wanted their engagement photos taken where their ceremony will be, so we went down to Robber’s Cave State Park located near Wilburton.

Set in the San Bois Mountains at the edge of the Ouachita National Forest, Robber’s Cave is said to be the spot that the likes of Jessie James and Belle Star hid out from the law.

Leah and Matt

Leah and Matt are getting married in September. They had their engagement photos
taken in Van Buren on Memorial Day.

They have a very precious baby boy, Connor. Makes me miss my Benjamin even more.

Van Buren has many neat sights including a restored passenger train that we rode to
Winslow with my parents on Mother’s Day. (Photos to come.)

Creenna and Jesse

Creenna and Jesse’s engagement photos were
taken in downtown Fort Smith.
This is the photo they chose for photo cards and the
photo for their guests to sign.
I like this trend as an alternative to a guest book. Instead of people just signing their name in a book, they are more likely to get creative and write blessings or congratulation messages.
Another neat idea I’ve seen is providing little cards for the guests to write more private messages of advice and well wishes. Then the cards can be slipped in a box for the couple to enjoy reading later.

Lauren and Taylor

Lauren and Taylor are engaged to be married. We had fun taking photos in downtown Fort Smith.

What a nice couple.

We started at the Fort Smith Trolley Museum and happened to see Mayor Ray Baker who always quips “Life’s Worth Living in Fort Smith!!” before he showers an honoree with rose petals. (No kidding.) When our church celebrated it’s 150th anniversary, he was there. When my husband’s workplace was honored for being #1 in quality production, he was there. He’s our much-loved mayor and we hope he’s around for many years to come.