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Merry Christmas From our Blog to Yours!

09 card

Natalie & Grant


Natalie and Grant were married at the Fort Smith Rose Garden. It was a beautiful ceremony, and
the day was perfect!


Senior Guys

img_1461-2I’ve been fortunate to photograph the nicest senior guys and girls this year.



Drive Along Shooting

Justin very kindly allowed me to take photos for him
that I could also use to show that
guy’s portraits can be fun and cool!

David was the driver, and I was the shooter, of course.
Drive along shooting.

Justin and Kim’s bulldog is adorable,
even with her “tough dog” hat.

Happy Father’s Day

Thanks for being my daddy.
For holding my hand through the crib bars
and for telling me I’d grow into my feet.

Thanks for taking off my training wheels
and for taking me back into your home when I was grown.

Thanks for loving me through my mistakes
and for showing me a godly example
through your kindness and patience.

In your unassuming way you worked hard
and raised a family.
Sometimes a thankless job
with thankless kids to show for it.

It’s said that we view our Heavenly Father
through the lens of our lives
with our earthly fathers.
That must be why
I love God so much.

Rust, Wonderful Rust

I’ve really wanted to take some senior portraits with this old,
Ford, service truck and I finally got the opportunity!
I seem to find beauty in strange places.
Some folks will know exactly were this glorious, rusting hulk resides.
For the rest of the world it must remain a secret.

There are artists like Brenda Swenson, Rod Bailey, Larry Seiler,
and Jean Vincent, who use found treasures
like this old truck for inspiration.
Many photographers, amateur and pro,
love taking photos in junkyards and off the beaten track.
There’s Pete Mones’ Junkyard Photos , The World in Light,
and the Classic Cars Rotting just to name a few.

Then we went to the train tracks.

We Miss You Jacob

Can’t wait until you are back in the USA for good. Know that you are in our prayers daily. This is Jacob. He’s stationed “over there”.

Newcastle Bridge

There are some nice old bridges remaining around Oklahoma if you know where to look.
I had a photo shoot planned that didn’t work out, so I took the opportunity to take some cool photos at the old Newcastle Bridge, also called the Ozark Trail Bridge, near Newcastle Oklahoma.

The bridge spans the South Canadian River and was Oklahoma’s first federal aid project. It opened in 1923, but sits unused beside the Interstate 44 bridge today. You can still see the original timber flooring on this neat old bridge. Before the bridge was built folks had to ford the river with their horses and wagons to travel down May Avenue in Oklahoma City to the farmer’s market.