Bluegrass music at it’s best can be found in the most
out of the way spots.

Friday evening in Roland we heard Crossfire from Fayetteville,
The Sunshine Girls,
Aaron Day, Vida Brooks and High Mountain Bluegrass,
among many others.

It’s a great little place there in Roland, to relax and listen to old-timey favorite songs.
Songs maybe you haven’t heard since your
grandma used to sing to you.

If you bring your own mandolin, dobro , fiddle or guitar, you can hang out in one of the back rooms and jam to your heart’s content. If you’re a beginner, they still welcome you.
Just take your turn around the circle,
and when it’s your turn to pick the song don’t
be a playin’ anything that doesn’t at least sound country or bluegrassy!

We REALLY enjoyed watching the three part youtube videos of John Sullivan making a mandolin!
We should post those videos on The Swap
they are highly educational!

Miss Vida and High Mountain Bluegrass.

The Sunshine Girls singing “Chicken Pluckin’ Momma”.

Aaron Day playing “Redwing

Members of Crossfire. This band was awesome!
They played “Snowbird” and “Fox on the Run

Miss Vida teaches a color tabs (tablature) method to learn guitar, mandolin, fiddle and bass. She is very encouraging to child and adult students alike. She already teaches some homeschoolers. She teaches individually, not in classes, but siblings or family members who have lessons back to back can sit in together, and after they have the basics down, can play together.

She teaches mostly folk, bluegrass, country, and hymns, though she has taught Aaron some Irish tunes and a couple of contemporary praise songs lately. If she doesn’t have a song written in tabs, kids can ask if she can write it out for them. The great thing is that with practice kids can learn to play by ear like she does, know what key they’re playing in, know the names of the notes and chords, even though she does not teach how to read regular music.

She is taking students during the day right now. It’s harder to get an opening after regular school hours. If you’re interested in lessons for yourself or your kids, let me know and I’ll give you her contact info.