Newcastle Bridge

There are some nice old bridges remaining around Oklahoma if you know where to look.
I had a photo shoot planned that didn’t work out, so I took the opportunity to take some cool photos at the old Newcastle Bridge, also called the Ozark Trail Bridge, near Newcastle Oklahoma.

The bridge spans the South Canadian River and was Oklahoma’s first federal aid project. It opened in 1923, but sits unused beside the Interstate 44 bridge today. You can still see the original timber flooring on this neat old bridge. Before the bridge was built folks had to ford the river with their horses and wagons to travel down May Avenue in Oklahoma City to the farmer’s market.

One of my upcoming projects is taking photos of old bridges, schools, barns and farmhouses around the state. If you would like to send me after a photo of your old family place in Oklahoma, or if you know of a neat old leaning house, contact me via my contact info here: contact me