Monthly Archives: March 2008

Brandie and Matt

The sky threatened rain Saturday, but soon cleared and there was a crisp, Spring day for the wedding. Brandie was stunning and would have brightened the day even if it had been gloomy.

Brandie and Matt were married at the Darby Chapel , also known as the Darby Community Center in Fort Smith. The reception was held a short walk away at the elegant Bonneville House.

Both of these lovely old buildings are located in the Belle Grove Historic District.
The 22 square blocks of the district are home to many restored old homes.


“Cherish” means to treasure and care for….to have the highest regard for….to hold dear.

Cherish came to have her 6 month portraits made. As my husband would say, “What a doll baby!” It was so easy to coax a smile from her. Her mom is awfully nice too.

Tiffanie and Kevin

Tiffanie and Kevin were married in Ponca City. There was a beautiful, blue sky for the wedding day. The ladies were gorgeous and the men in uniform were quite handsome.

Ponca City is the home of the Pioneer Woman Statue. She’s a twelve-thousand pound, seventeen foot tall woman. That’s a rather large lady. But, you have to take into account her little boy and the bag and Bible she’s carrying, they’re also cast bronze, so that’s part of her weight.
Forty thousand people came to hear Will Rogers speak at her unveiling in 1930.

Rust, Wonderful Rust

I’ve really wanted to take some senior portraits with this old,
Ford, service truck and I finally got the opportunity!
I seem to find beauty in strange places.
Some folks will know exactly were this glorious, rusting hulk resides.
For the rest of the world it must remain a secret.

There are artists like Brenda Swenson, Rod Bailey, Larry Seiler,
and Jean Vincent, who use found treasures
like this old truck for inspiration.
Many photographers, amateur and pro,
love taking photos in junkyards and off the beaten track.
There’s Pete Mones’ Junkyard Photos , The World in Light,
and the Classic Cars Rotting just to name a few.

Then we went to the train tracks.

We Miss You Jacob

Can’t wait until you are back in the USA for good. Know that you are in our prayers daily. This is Jacob. He’s stationed “over there”.