Monthly Archives: July 2008

Erin and Albert’s Wedding

Erin and Albert had their ceremony at Robber’s Cave State Park
at the lodge. It was hot, hot, hot, but a gorgeous location.
The guys looked a little melted,
but the ladies looked cool and beautiful.

If you’ve never participated in a dollar dance at a reception
you’ve missed out on a good time.
It’s a fun way for each guest to spend a little time with the couple,
bless them with a little extra money for their honeymoon,
and twirl around the dance floor with them.

You can even dance with your dad.

Better than a boring, money tree any day.

Drive Along Shooting

Justin very kindly allowed me to take photos for him
that I could also use to show that
guy’s portraits can be fun and cool!

David was the driver, and I was the shooter, of course.
Drive along shooting.

Justin and Kim’s bulldog is adorable,
even with her “tough dog” hat.

Shannon and Matt

Shannon and Matt married at the Circle of Light Chapel
overlooking Beaver Lake.
It’s a beautiful area right on the lake
and there was a sky at sunset that
made for a fairy tale background.

Shannon and Matt included the girls in their ceremony,
saying vows to them,
and giving them a family necklace as a symbol of their
love and commitment to them.

Melissa and Brett

Melissa and Brett married
at the First Baptist Church of Van Buren.
Aren’t they a sweet couple?

Melissa and I talked about the doll birthday cakes
that we loved as little girls.
Van Buren has a wonderful historic downtown area.
Antique shops, museums, a restored passenger train,
the King Opera House, and craft festivals
are all great reasons to visit.

I’m looking forward to the opening of the Drennen-Scott House.


People wonder about Bridezilla. Does she really exist? Have you ever had to deal with one?

One of my brides told me she was being one, she definitely wasn’t, I’ve seen the show.

Cat says she thinks maybe the ones we see on TV are already a little spoiled to begin with and under stress it all comes to light.

I just have to say that I have never had a Bridezilla, and the girls I’ve worked for could have been featured on a show about the sweetest brides. What would they call it? Would anyone watch a show about normal people? Probably not.

Creenna and Jesse’s Wedding

Creena and Jesse tied the knot at the top of Mount Magazine at the lodge. What a beautiful location with a spectacular view! I’m thrilled that I have the privilege of shooting Kelly’s wedding in the same location in August.