Monthly Archives: August 2008


David and I took a trip to Savannah.
Our first ever, extended vacation without kids.
I promised to post some cool photos from our trip.
There are so many, it’s hard to choose.

Here’s a cute pirate girl from The Pirate House Restaurant.

What a neat place!
A small building attached to the current Pirate House
is said to be the oldest house in Georgia, dating to 1734.

Lauren, I mean, “Captain Ginger Thrace“, gave us the tour.
She’s pointing out 274 years of settling.

Kelly and Brandon

Kelly and Brandon married atop Mount Magazine.

It began to rain just as we started pre-ceremony portraits outside.
Spirits were as dampened as the beautiful flower
arrangement suffered severe wind and rain damage.

Arrangements were made to move inside for the ceremony.
Chairs were moved, and change of plans discussed.
Just before ceremony was to begin,
someone’s prayers were answered,
and the clouds held their peace until right after the vows.

Earlier this year Creenna and Jesse were married at the
Mount Magazine Lodge.

Motorcycle Safety Course

I shot photos for Ed Upchurch’s motorcycle safety course.

Ed and Paul teach a Basic Rider Course for former or new riders, and
an Experienced Rider Course for veteran riders
to improve riding skills.

He will be getting a brand new website soon
with some of those photos.

Shawnee is receiving her MSF completion card.
Those who pass the course can show their card at
driver’s testing and receive a waiver of the road test.
They still must pass a written test to receive the
motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license.

Lauren and Taylor Married!

Lauren and Taylor’s wedding was in Central City near Fort Chaffee.

Taylor is a real cowboy.
Lauren is a kindergarten teacher.
They’ll be making their home in Texas.

The reception was at The Oaks in Fort Smith.

Chaffee suffered from a terrible fire in January.
Here are someone’s photos of the buildings.

My grandfather helped build the barracks around 1941,
my uncle brought POWs into Chaffee during WWII,
and I worked on Chaffee a few years ago.
Probably everyone in the area
has some history with the place.

Cassey and Alex

Cassey and Alex’s ceremony was in Paris.

They’re going to have pretty kids.

I can show some of Cassey’s bridal portraits now.

Natalie and Steven

Natalie and Steven were married out in the boonies.
No really, they were.
It wasn’t too difficult finding them
because there were plenty of signs
outside Sallisaw leading the way.
Plenty of God’s beautiful scenery for photos too.

Silly Guys

Sleepy Boys?

Sallisaw was the home of the fictional Joad family
from “The Grapes of Wrath“.
I personaly liked the movie much better than the novel.

I intend to read “The Stricklands” by Edwin Lanham.
Lanham’s novel is said to describe 1930s Oklahoma
in a more detailed, more acurate account than Steinbeck’s novel.

Andria and Jake

Andria and Jake are a nice couple who are
tying the knot in September.

We took engagement photos at the Runestone Park.
There’s some debate on whether the runes are authentic.
I like to think so. I think it’s entirely possible that those
Norsemen came down the Arkansas and Poteau Rivers.
No one living today was actually there to know
what the depth of the rivers was in 1012 AD.

More pretty silhouettes.

Heavener was originally named Choctaw City.
If you’re not from the area you might think it’s pronounced
“Heaven – er”, with a short “e” sound,
as in the heavenly abode with an “er” on the end,
but that would be incorrect.
It’s pronounced “heave – ner” with a long “e” sound,
as in “watch out I’m going to…”