Monthly Archives: November 2008

Christmas Portraits

Christmas portrait studio, December 7th-9th, at the Spiro Library,
to benefit the library!

There will be no sitting fee.
If you’re interested in setting up an appointment,
contact Glenda at 918-962-3461.

What Makes a Great Photographer?

My opinions about really good photographers of people:

They spend time with people

I spend time with my clients. I like to know something about them
and I think that creates relaxation and the freedom to “be real”.
No “deer-in-the-headlights” smiles.

They know the secret of “seeing”
“Great camera” doesn’t equal “great photos”. Artists know about “seeing”. Seeing what is in front of you and capturing it interestingly is the most important part of photography.
A really good photo is a piece of artwork. All the training and technical skill in the world won’t help if you don’t have the eye for it.

Andria and Jake Got Hitched

They were married in Howe and had their reception
at the Kerr Mansion

For their first dance they did a surprise fun dance
after a few seconds of their slow dance.
It was really cute.

I hope they put it online like this couple did.

Someone please tell me if I ever get in the way of the videographer.
I don’t want my posterior immortalized on film.