Preparing for Great Wedding Photos

Plenty of advice is given about planning the wedding day, but sometimes planning for photographs is forgotten. I’d like to help couples think about their part in making their wedding photographs the best they can possibly be.

Think about what the background will be in your photos. What do the walls and floor look like? I’ve done receptions at the historic Bonneville House and the armory. Remember to think about what is on the wall behind the cake, where you will be seated, and other strategic places for photos. Is there unsightly wire, posters, or anything that distracts? Consider some kind of backdrop for those problem areas.

Consider your taste. Do you want to take a limited amount of posed photos before going on to your reception? Do you like candid photojournalism? Do want want the traditional bouquet toss and other traditional photos, or do you just want to dance? Does your photographer share your vision? I am more of a photojournalist. I do posed photos, but I’m not likely to repeatedly ask you to pose for this or that photo during the reception after the cake cutting and such is done, because I know you want to have fun and visit with family and friends. On the other hand, if you grab your best friend and ask me to get a photo, that’s what it’s all about! You are the boss.

A word on shooting lists:  If you feel you must send me a shooting list, that’s okay, but realize that I’m going to be following you around, I’ll get what’s happening. I laugh at the lists which try to include everything:  “couple reciting vows, couple kissing, couple walking down the aisle, couple cutting cake…..”   Hello, I’m there. 🙂  If I had my face in a shooting list I wouldn’t be taking as many photos.

Consider your hair, nails and skin. A manicure and pedicure is a must. Don’t do anything drastic to your hair or skin right before the wedding. Facials and hair removal can cause breakout of acne or irritation bumps and red skin.  New haircuts and overprocessed hair treatments should be a no-no close to the wedding day. That goes for guys too!

Girls already know to wear base makeup which matches their skin tone and about blending it down their jawline and neck, but get a pro to do your makeup if you can. You really want wear some color on your lips, not colorless lipgloss. Wear more color than you normally do. Trust me on this, if you don’t have color on your lips, your face is going to look washed out. A girl without her lipstick is like a present without a bow, it finishes your look.

Be careful of over tanning, the spray-on, tanning bed, and the real thing. The last thing you need is to have a sunburn or look overdone.  There have been some famous, beautifully pale, ladies on their wedding day, like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly Kate Winslet and Princess Margaret.

Try out everything beforehand: hair, makeup, bouquet, shoes, and dress.  Bridal Portraits are a great way to do a trial run. Call me and I’ll set up a session for you.

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