Monthly Archives: March 2009


Sandy and Paul were married at Christ The King Church.

I met a extremely talented Elvis impersonator at Paul and Sandy’s wedding reception.

Elvis was a surprise for Paul.

Aside from being an Elvis fan, Paul is the owner of  Paul’s Meat Market on Old Greenwood.

This isn’t Rocky’s real job, this is just a fun thing for him.

He’s been playing Elvis since he was around four years old.

I have his information if anyone would like to check with him for availability. He only does a few events per year.


Jessica & Richard

Jessica and Richard were married at the First Baptist Church of Springdale.


I’ve never seen such a calm, sweet bride on her wedding day. This was one of those weddings I’ve done in which

I didn’t personally meet the bride and groom until the wedding.

I felt an immediate bond with the family even though we’d just met in the thick of getting ready that morning.

Jessie and her mom were so precious together at the end of the reception they made me cry with them.


Pixie Dust

I was honored to photograph Haleigh, who is a real sweetheart.


Pixie dust is what Tinker Bell sprinkles to make you fly. Watch out or Haleigh could fly away with your heart.

Sorry guys, she’s taken, by a very special guy.

A Couple of Summer Dates Now Open

Life happens, our plans change, brides change their minds….so we have had two Saturdays in May open up.

Also a possible Saturday in June. Prime wedding weekends. Call or email if you want more info.


If You Really Want Me To

If you really want me to, I’ll leave your Gala apple color. It’s not a problem.


I absolutely love this selective color, unlike some trendy stuff I’ve seen, and blogged about. 🙂

Here’s your apple, Nicole. It turned out quite nice.

When I started typing the post title the words seemed familiar to me. Hmmm, maybe because I’ve been singing Ginny Owens‘ song “If You Want Me To”, today.

The pathway is broken
And the signs are unclear
And I don’t know the reason why you brought me here
But just because You love me the way that You do
I will go through the valley
If You want me to

Wedding March on Guitar

This man teaches how to play the Wedding March song. This video is the song all the way through.

There’s another video of him going slowly through the song with instructions.

My son is playing at his cousin’s wedding next month.