Monthly Archives: September 2009

Grace Cottage Needs Help

Grace Cottage is a residential home for expectant teen mothers. The young mothers can continue their education and learn how to take care of themselves and their babies while living there. They’re doing wonderful things there, but they need help. They’re continually in need of funds for regular monthly expenses.

A community service group is hosting benefit dinners on Sept. 25th and October 9th.

Sept. 25 will be a hamburger dinner. It will take place at Dryer Chiropractic Clinic, next to Movie Gallery.

If you feel a need to help without going to the benefits you may send a donation to them at:

Free Wedding Photography Contest

PLEASE DON’T VOTE YET. Voting will start AFTER the finalist couples are posted here on the blog, Nov. 2nd. Thanks for your excitement. You guys are great!  🙂

With the economy the way it is I suspect there is a extraordinary couple in our area who would like a professional photographer for their wedding, but they just feel they can’t afford one. I am offering FREE wedding photography for that deserving couple. I want this to go to a couple who would truly appreciate the gift.