2010-2011 Weddings and Questions You Should Ask a Wedding Photographer

I have two June weddings and a July wedding booked for 2011. Yippee!  It’s exciting to have clients in Arkansas and Oklahoma who love my work and recognize the fact that I’m booking popular dates rather quickly.

After checking out some “professional” photos of weddings this last year on people’s social networking sites and their prints, I’m taken aback by what people consider good photography. Maybe I’m too critical because I know what “good” photos are supposed to look like, or maybe people are just trying to be polite, but if you’re shopping around for a wedding photographer I’m offering you some MORE tips to make your decision easier. You may also check out my previous posts about Choosing a Wedding Photographer Wisely and What I Think Makes a Good Photographer.

Questions to ask your potential wedding photographer:

  • Are you a full-time photographer?
  • How many weddings do you shoot per year?
  • Is my wedding the only one you will shoot that day?
  • Have you ever been published?
  • What is your style? (Traditional, photojournalist…)
  • Do you have a plan for getting the posed shots done in a timely manner after the ceremony?
  • How will you safeguard my photos?
  • How many photos on average can I expect?
  • Do you offer a disc and release?
  • What kind of albums do you offer?
  • Are you willing to customize a package?
  • What kind of corrections will be done on my photos?
  • Do you have back-up equipment?
  • Do you have references?
  • Are there any additional charges? (travel fee?)
  • Is the deposit fee an additional charge or is it coming off the balance?
  • What would our payment schedule be?

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