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Beautiful Family

Aimee & Sam have a darling baby girl, Ashlynn. She’s so adorable I could take photos of her all day if they’d let me.



Wedding in Fort Smith

Leah and Matt were married at the
First United Methodist Church in Fort Smith.


Cute flower girls practice their smiles.

Sweet Sisters

Beautiful Bride

Leah’s family has all boys.
They were so adorable coming down the aisle
with their wagon, but some just wanted their mommies.

Nice Newlyweds

Leah and Matt

Leah and Matt are getting married in September. They had their engagement photos
taken in Van Buren on Memorial Day.

They have a very precious baby boy, Connor. Makes me miss my Benjamin even more.

Van Buren has many neat sights including a restored passenger train that we rode to
Winslow with my parents on Mother’s Day. (Photos to come.)

Visiting Benjamin

We also visited with his mommy and daddy
while we were in Germany.

Missing him is enough to make me want to learn
more German and move there.
He’s the best baby boy! He was looking for Nanny
after we had to come back to the states.

He’s doing SUCH a good job trying to feed himself. Sometimes he tries to pick up liquid with his fingers. It doesn’t always turn out well.

Isn’t he adorable?

There is a little pond with fish in the back yard. He loves his Uncle, especially when he takes him out to see the “ish”.


“Cherish” means to treasure and care for….to have the highest regard for….to hold dear.

Cherish came to have her 6 month portraits made. As my husband would say, “What a doll baby!” It was so easy to coax a smile from her. Her mom is awfully nice too.


It’s a rock….in the WILD!

He’s the BEST! His mommy is taking him to Germany to live soon. I guess they need to be with the da-da. I just need to book plenty of photo shoots so I can visit this cutie pie. I will really need to stay busy. I could write stuff that would make us all cry, but I won’t.
Not yet.

Here, Nanny, make it snow again.

We picked all the dry blooms from the flowers and made some pretty neat “snow” blow in the wind. What can I say? We live where we rarely get snow, we’ll take what we can get, won’t we Benji?
It isn’t very nice to taste dry, flower petal snow.

Beautiful Belly

I did a maternity session for a sweet mommy to be in Greenwood. What a cute tummy! Only one month to go. 🙂 You can see some of her photos in my portfolio.