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Motorcycle Safety Course

I shot photos for Ed Upchurch’s motorcycle safety course.

Ed and Paul teach a Basic Rider Course for former or new riders, and
an Experienced Rider Course for veteran riders
to improve riding skills.

He will be getting a brand new website soon
with some of those photos.

Shawnee is receiving her MSF completion card.
Those who pass the course can show their card at
driver’s testing and receive a waiver of the road test.
They still must pass a written test to receive the
motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license.

Drive Along Shooting

Justin very kindly allowed me to take photos for him
that I could also use to show that
guy’s portraits can be fun and cool!

David was the driver, and I was the shooter, of course.
Drive along shooting.

Justin and Kim’s bulldog is adorable,
even with her “tough dog” hat.