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Russell & Aimee

Russell and Aimee were married at the Old Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

It’s a wonderful little white clapboard church in Magazine, Arkansas, from which you have a view of Mount Magazine through the door of the church.

Russell and Aimee are such a beautiful couple inside and out.

You can tell they adore each other.

Petit Jean State Park

Tiffany and Michael married at Petit Jean
because that’s where he proposed!

Tiffany and Michael are such a sweet pair.

I’m so glad to have met them and done their wedding photos.

What a neat place for an outdoor wedding.
How many people have a waterfall
for a background at their wedding?

I’ve done a few weddings in the mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma this year.

Kelly and Brandon

Kelly and Brandon married atop Mount Magazine.

It began to rain just as we started pre-ceremony portraits outside.
Spirits were as dampened as the beautiful flower
arrangement suffered severe wind and rain damage.

Arrangements were made to move inside for the ceremony.
Chairs were moved, and change of plans discussed.
Just before ceremony was to begin,
someone’s prayers were answered,
and the clouds held their peace until right after the vows.

Earlier this year Creenna and Jesse were married at the
Mount Magazine Lodge.

Erin and Albert’s Wedding

Erin and Albert had their ceremony at Robber’s Cave State Park
at the lodge. It was hot, hot, hot, but a gorgeous location.
The guys looked a little melted,
but the ladies looked cool and beautiful.

If you’ve never participated in a dollar dance at a reception
you’ve missed out on a good time.
It’s a fun way for each guest to spend a little time with the couple,
bless them with a little extra money for their honeymoon,
and twirl around the dance floor with them.

You can even dance with your dad.

Better than a boring, money tree any day.

Shannon and Matt

Shannon and Matt married at the Circle of Light Chapel
overlooking Beaver Lake.
It’s a beautiful area right on the lake
and there was a sky at sunset that
made for a fairy tale background.

Shannon and Matt included the girls in their ceremony,
saying vows to them,
and giving them a family necklace as a symbol of their
love and commitment to them.

Creenna and Jesse’s Wedding

Creena and Jesse tied the knot at the top of Mount Magazine at the lodge. What a beautiful location with a spectacular view! I’m thrilled that I have the privilege of shooting Kelly’s wedding in the same location in August.


Shawna and Matt were married in Catoosa at the Vesica Piscis Chapel. It’s a beautiful place and they offer everything you can think of for a wedding . The splendid, stone chapel sits on a ridge with trees all around. The marker on Google Maps isn’t correct, but here is where it really sits. Contact Judy Lytle for more information and to check for availability.

This is Rylan, getting ready for the wedding.

No man likes a tie.