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Ronnie & Mandi

Mandi and Ronnie tied the knot near Spiro, OK. Their wedding was beautiful, but the most interesting and fun part for me was the photos we did with an old original squad car from The Andy Griffith Show.

Ronnie is a police officer himself.

My New Car

My New Car.
I LOVE this car.

Just kidding, it’s not mine, but isn’t it cool?!

I’ve always had a thing for British cars.

I can dream, can’t I?

Check out the neat-o accelerator pedal.

Do you think Santa might squeeze it down the chimney?
Oh yeah, I don’t have a chimney. Rats!

Here’s the other one I want.
Wonder if I have any long lost, rich uncles?
Lets’ see, I’ll drive the red one on Sundays and Mondays,
and the green one the rest of the week.