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The Trees Come Off

A crane removed the giant trees from our friend’s roof.

The crane was stuck in the hole that it made of the driveway. It took two semi wreckers pulling together and the extending of the crane’s boom to distribute the weight to finally get unstuck.Someone could’ve sold popcorn and hot dogs. Why didn’t we think of that?

Cutting the tree while the crane lends help.

And…..falling into the hole.

The stump with its massive root ball plunking back where it was for about 100 years.

The Storm

Sometimes God saves you from the storms of life. Sometimes He takes you through them, out the other side, safely.
Our friends survived, praising God for the safety of their whole family after the storm that came through Wednesday evening.
Three enormous, Tulip Poplar trees were blown over, one flattening their home. The hallway were they were with their six children remained relatively undamaged.

It isn’t known at this time whether the damage was due to straight line winds, or if a tornado touched down, but the family felt their roof lift a little right before the largest of the trees fell and opened their ceiling to the down pouring of rain and some rather large hail.
(Now they are saying it was a microburst.)